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    Floating footer in wrong location

    Peter Johnson Master

      I know this is a really minor nit, but I wonder if anyone else is seeing this. In 2.4.1, Renaissance theme, using Firefox, the footer text "Powered by JBoss Portal" appears to float on top of the portlet in the right column. For example, on the "default" page, the text appears in the "Project Information" block. On the "Admin" page, with the "root" entry in the tree view of the Management Portlet not expanded, the text appears pasted over the Name, Type and Created column entries for the "default" folder in the CMS Admin portlet window.

      In Internet Explorer, on the other hand, the "Powered by JBoss Portal" text properly floats to the bottom of the page.

      I have looked at the style sheet definition of 'footer-container', and based on what I know about the style "clear: both", it should work. But in Firefox it is not clearing either column (I can't figure out which divs Firefox even thinks that the text is clearing). To view something interesting, using the Web Developer plug-in for Firefox, turn on "Outline Current Element" and hover over the "Powered by JBoss Portal" text and note that the div outline spans the entire page, though behind the portlet windows. It is obviously not clearing the divs that

      I'm not sure whose problem this even is. Could it be that Firefox is handling the styles incorrectly? Or is IE doing one of its "I think I know what you meant, so I'll do that instead of what I'm supposed to do" things that it does all the time? What happens on other browsers?

      Like I said, not an earth-shattering issue, but definitely a puzzlement.