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    finding solution to pass parameters from one portlet to 3 po

    Manoj Sharma Newbie


      We are trying to find a solution to pass parameters from one portlet placed in the main page of the portal to 3 portlet that are placed on a different page and opens in a new window.

      The senerio is like this. We have "userslist" portlet in the main page, it displays all the users with a link to view the details of that user in the new browser window. The url to view the user detail is a portal page url (eg. /portal/portal/default/UserDetailpg?userid=adminuser).

      The user details page has 3 portlets that displays different details of the users like personal information, his documents list, his task list details. When the user clicks on the name of the user the url has a parameter and value userid=admin

      We are trying to get the userid parameter passed in the url in portlets placed in the UserDetailpg and we always get null.

      So is there a way in jboss portal framework to get this parameter value in all the 3 portlet in a new page.

      With our past experience in the bea weblogic portal framework we had seen a way to handle this. From the portletrequest (Inner Request) we had a method to get the HttpServletRequest (OuterRequest) which can be used to get all the parameter that are passed in the URL.