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    Threads and JBOSS

    Ed Murphy Newbie

      I'm new to JBOSS and I've been trying to write a portlet. The application that I'm working with runs in a thread and it basically loops every 5 seconds and does something. Now, I'm not really having a problem with the code. I built the WAR file, deployed and I'm able to access a URL and sending things like


      and everything is fine. However, when I issue the start action, the app runs and hits the loop that starts up in the thread's run method and then it does not return back to the browser. I'm not sure this is a JBOSS issue (nor am I completely I'm making any sense at all) but basically I am wondering when I issue a directive to JBOSS to startup my loop, how do I return an appropriate response that will show up in the browser as some witty statement about the process having started?

      I should note that when I issue the "stop" URL as above there's no problem. I get back a snazzy message saying the process has stopped so I'm guessing the loop is the issue. Do I need to detach the thread or something like that? Anyway, help is appreciated.