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    Login to direct to different portals

    Mar Offutt Newbie

      I am new to Jboss and have a an implementation question. How would one approach the problem.

      I have many customer portals each with a different theme. When a user logs in they are directed to the default page of the portal for their company.

      So the question is? Can we redirect the request to the portal when the user logs in based on his credentials instead of having the user enter the URL for his company portal and then logging in?

      Thank you

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          ameo Novice


          do you solved the problem ?

          I use jboss-portal 2.6.1. When the user clicks
          on a button on a JSF-Page, then I want to redirect to another jboss-portal instance. I tried this code for the button with the underlying action-method:

          ExternalContext etx = context.getExternalContext();
          catch (IOException ex)