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    Custom user authentication

    Gaetano Sferra Newbie

      can someone help me to understand the authentication mechanism?
      I've deployed a custom portal and now I wish to add a login feature using the same authentication method of the UserPortlet but without using it (because I don't want "guests" registers their own accounts).
      I wrote a login.jsp and a loginfailure.jsp and I added the following lines to my web.xml:

       <realm-name>JBoss Portal</realm-name>

      In the "mycustomportal-object.xml" file I've added a default page with "view" action for "unckecked" users (this shows up a welcome portlet with a login link) and I "restricted" all other pages to "users" and "administrators". The problem is on the login link, where it should point to?
      I tried pointing it to:

      The last one shows up the "JBoss Portal" standard login page while others doesn't work at all showing up my default portal page. What's wrong?