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    Contact portlet

    Ben Friedman Newbie

      My boss has directed me to write a few portlets. He wants to provide white pages to our portal users; query and update functions against ldap. I've been looking for an opportunity to contribute to the public community. I downloaded the address book portlet and I've skimmed the LGPL. I have been unable to contact Chris Mills at JBoss so maybe someone here can help me. Questions:

      1. Is there a roadmap for this portlet?
      2. Should I build on top of the Contact portlet and release it as LGPL? Or should I start from scratch?
      3. If I extend the Contact portlet, do I resubmit the final version to the JBoss Portal Swap under my name and Chris Mills?

      I really appreciate any help as I attempt my first open source project. Cheers!