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    Help customizing CatalogPortlet and Navigation

    Henry Canastero Newbie

      Hello to all,

      I'm starting with jboss portal and I need customize the navigation methods. I've been looking for any way to do this using the configuration files or something like that but I couldn't find how...

      So, another possibility is create my own CatalogPortlet, based on the original..in this case I have problems with referenced classes (i.e. org.jboss.portal.core.aspects.controller.node.PortalObjectNode ) that I cannot find in the jboss classes or jar files.

      I'm very confused about the work methodology in this framework. I have the impression that the documentation isn't clear or isn't complete, I don't know...but I've not been able to find appropriate aid.

      I'll be a lot thankful if somebody can help me.