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    How to make user's pages visible to public

    Dave Chen Master

      I have asked many questions in a short time. I am completely new to JBoss portal. Please help me.

      I create a portal called "MyPortal" and some pages(A, B, C, D) on the portal.
      Then I create a user called "scott".
      After login as scott, I copied page A and B on MyPortal to the dashboard. In addition, I(scott) created a new page called "Articles".

      How to make scott's pages (A, B, Articles) visible to public? I did not find access control for these pages.

      If a user's pages are private(not public), and a portal is needed for a user. How to assign the portal to a user? In other words, the user has manage permission to the portal, and others have view/personalize permission.

      If a portal is needed for a user to show his pages to public, how to create a portal automatically when a user register, and assign management permission on the portal to the user?

      Thanks again for help.