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    Exception getting portlet context trying to customize Naviga

    Henry Canastero Newbie

      Hi to all, I'm trying to customize the NavigationPortlet based on the original code, but without a lot of changes, the JBoss is throwing a PortletException in the init method, which looks thus:

       public void init() throws PortletException
       container = (PortalObjectContainer)getPortletContext().getAttribute("PortalObjectContainer");
       portalAuthorizationManagerFactory = (PortalAuthorizationManagerFactory)getPortletContext().getAttribute("PortalAuthorizationManagerFactory");
       if (container == null)
       throw new PortletException("No portal object container");

      I've taken as base code the following class:


      and I'm using jboss portal 2.4.1

      I'll be a lot thankful if somebody can help me to fix that exception. I don't know why the class doesn't find the PortalObjectContainer.