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    CMS URL rewriting: what is going on?

    James McLean Newbie


      I am currently experimenting with JBoss Portal 2.6 CR2. So far it strikes me as the best release of JBoss Portal to date. Thanks very much to everyone involved! Now on with my question...

      If I specify a link in the following way:

      <a href="test/index.html">Link</a>

      The CMSPortlet rewrites the HTML to become:
      <a href="/portal/content/test/index.html">Link</a>

      The link works, however, since "/portal/content" is tied to the default portal, the layout and theme changes when the link is followed, which is undesirable for my purposes. Is there any way of specifying internal links so that the current theme and layout are preserved?

      Someone suggested using absolute URLs in an earlier thread, however, I think that information is out of date since absolute URLs are not being rewritten at all. Am I missing something obvious?

      Thanks in advance!

      James McLean