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    Problem in image loading from local machine

    Ritesh Newbie

      I have html code embedded in one of my jsp portlet and that page contains some images to be loaded from local machine but it's not loading actually.I have tried different -2 path giving for images and even tried putting images in all the folder to check from where it's picking up.
      But that also seems not working.

      When I give like this

      it loads the image properly, only problem comes when I try loading image from local machine.

      My JSP Page Code below :
      <%@ page info="a hello world example" %>

      Hello, World

      <h1>My Support</h1>

      An image from another folder 111:

      <h1 style="font-size:180%; line-height:1.2em; color:#aaa; margin-bottom:20px;">Welcome to your personalized Apple Support Page</h1>

      Add your Apple products to this page to see your warranty coverage and service status at a glance.
      You can also easily get to online support information for your products.

      An image from another folder 222:

      An image from another folder 333:

      An image from W3Schools:

      Please suggest.