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    Portal scalability

    Dave Chen Master

      I read Portal spec and JBoss portal doc. It does not say the scalability issue in terms of number of portal(s) in a portal container.

      An admin user can create more than one Portal(s). Is there a limit for the number of portal(s) that an admin user can create? a couple, a dozen, hundreds, or millions, or no limit?

      If there is no limit, how about the performance if a portal container has a millions of portal(s)? Thanks for sharing.


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          Thomas Heute Master

          It mostly depends on what portlet you put on your pages and the number of connected users.

          You can have zillion of portals if you have few visits.

          If you need scalability JBoss Portal is designed with clustering in mind, add a box and you can support more users (again, it's utopic to give you numbers it mostly depends on the portlets you run)