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    Help: Instance of a existent portlet in my new container pag

    Francisco Leiva Newbie

      Hello my friends I'm new in JBoss Portal.
      I need help :). Here is my issue:
      I'm attempting to create an instance of the navigation portlet (a portlet that already exists in Jboss portal) in my new Container page of my portlet HelloWorldPorlet. Let me explain it better:

      I need to do a container page only for my portlet HelloWorldPortlet, that's an easy thing, i just build my helloworld-object.xml this way:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      But, my problem is that I need a navigation portlet for my new container page, so i will be able to navigate to the other pages of the portal. Rigth now i can't because i dont know how to deploy a nav portlet in my *-object.xml.

      Someone help me :D please.