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    Problems with accessing to Management portlet

    Gaber Terseglav Newbie

      I am starting with JBoss portal usage and have one basic question about Management portal appearance. I started to read User Guide for JBoss portsl 2.6 CR2 and in Chapter 2.2.1 "Managing portal instances", there is description of Management Portlet. On screen shot there is treeview on the left and details page on the right (Manage: portal, instances, portlets) all within Management Portlet.

      But when I run JBoss portal (started with $JBOSS_HOME/bin/run.sh) and try to access the same page: I first login as admin/admin, then click on Admin link and then click on Home tab. Appearance of Management portal is completely different. On the left I don't have treeview but have portlet Pages, on the right I have Management Portlet with three tabs (Portal Objects, Portlet Instances, Portlet Definitions).

      Am I accessing the same Management portlet or not?

      So I guess there are two possible reasis for this. First is that I am not accessing correct Management Portlet and the other is that if documentation is outdated or maybe I have some problems with installation of JBoss portal. I had same problem with quick start guide.

      Thanks for your help. I know that this is really basic question but I must be sure that I am on the right path.

      JBoss Portal Version: JBoss Portal 2.6 CR2 Ninja (downloaded from JBoss in bundle Jboss AS + portal)
      JBoss AS Version: 4.0.5 GA
      Database Vendor and Version: default
      JDBC Connector and Version: default
      OS Platform: (server = Fedora Core 7; client = Windows XP)