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    How not to show previous/next month days?


      I'm using dataModel to show a calendar where the user can navigate between months and choose dates. I've followed the
      organizer demo to build most of what I want. I'm stuck with one thing I want:

      When RichFaces shows a month (say Sept 2008), the dates displayed starts from Aug 31, 2008 and goes all the way to Oct 11, 2008.
      How do I show only the sept dates and not show the Aug and Oct dates. I want this to be the case for all the months the user
      sees. I.e. show only the dates for that particular month.

      I looked at preloadDateRangeBegin/preloadDateRangeEnd and I'm not sure how I can get this done with dataModel. I was thinking
      of having the following (however, not sure how I can set the calendaBeans preload values for each month the user navigates to):

      preloadDateRangeBegin="#{calendarBean.preloadDateRangeBegin}" preloadDateRangeEnd="#{calendarBean.preloadDateRangeEnd}"

      Any help will be appreciated.