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    Modifying login page

    D Johnson Newbie

      I am trying to add a gif tothe login page. However, even though I have it in the image folder under


      the gif image will not display on the page. Is there some reason why gifs do not display?

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          D Johnson Newbie

          Hmm, this is really strange how this is done for the login.jsp images. But, I decided to look in the web.xml for anything different in regard to mapping the login page. Sure enough there are special mappings for each image.

          I tried the wild card approach to my new image folder and that did not work. The only way I have gotten the images to show up is to explicitly map each image.

          What fun I have thirty images to map.

          I would like to know the reasoning behind this.

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            dssa das Newbie

            I am overwrite login.jsp in portal core/serwer