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    Portlet title bar, help button question

    Sunitha Veerapaneni Newbie

      How do I change the help image"alt" message from 'help' to something else? Thanks!!

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Looks like the text is hard-coded into ./theme/src/main/org/jboss/portal/theme/impl/render/div/DivDecorationRenderer.java:

          for (Iterator i = modesOrStates.iterator(); i.hasNext();)
           ActionRendererContext action = (ActionRendererContext)i.next();
           if (action.isEnabled())
           PrintWriter out = ctx.getWriter();
           out.print("<span title=\"");
           out.print("\"><a class=\"portlet-mode-");
           out.print("\" href=\"");
           out.print("\"> </a></span>");

          It appears that the value supplied for the 'title' attribute is the same as the state - "help" in this case. Not very localizable, is it?

          P.S. You never said which version of Portal, so I assumed 2.6.