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    Admin updates to CMS portlet decorations don't take affect

    Danny Thornton Novice

      In JBoss Portal 2.6, the default for the CMS portlet rendering seems to be emptyRenderer. Updating the rendering properties in the Management Portlet has no effect.

      Management Portlet - Portal Objects - Portals>default Portal>default Page>CMSPortlet Window theme properties

      I set all renderers to divRendererNoAjax but this had no effect on the CMS portlet. I also tried divRenderer.

      What I would like to do is create multiple instances of the CMS Portlet, each with a different index page and all portlet instances rendered with title bars (decorations).

      When I add cms portlets through Page layout, I get peculiar behaviour like the cms portlet index page not setting properly and the theme decorations not setting properly.

      In portal 2.6, can I add multiple CMS portlet instances as admin and not have to update xml property files or recompile the portal?