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    Memory Leak

    Andrew Brownfield Newbie

      I've noticed a slight memory leak when coding a portlet using hibernate. Every time I redeploy my portlet about 2Mb more memory is being used by the JVM.

      I was using the ContactPortlet from portletswap as a reference, and found that this also had a memory leak of a smaller size (about .5Mb per deploy).

      I did try some non-hibernate portlets and didn't notice any leaks. I will also try the same set-up on my linux box when I get home to see if I can eliminate Apple's JVM as a problem causer.

      Due to the nature of memory leaks, I'm having difficulty pinpointing what is causing the problem and seeing if anyone has heard of such problems or can recommend some ideas for testing (new to J2EE, so perhaps I'm forgetting some critical method call upon destruction).

      JBoss 2.6 bundled
      Hibernate 3.2.4.sp1
      OS X 10.4.10