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    scrollableDataTable selection only works with session scope

    Josue Martinez Buenrrostro Newbie

      Hello everybody:

      I have a scrollableDataTable and y need to use multiple selection rows but that works only if my session bean hava a "session" scope if i use "request" scope, getSelection().getKeys() is empty.

      I'm using:

      Spring Framework 2.5.5 with annotations, richfaces 3.2.2.GA and mojarra_1.2_09 (with facelets)

      The scrollableDataTable is:

      <rich:scrollableDataTable rowKeyVar="rkv" frozenColCount="5" height="400px" width="850px" id="bienes" rows="0" columnClasses="col"
      var="bien" sortMode="single"

      And the bean is defined as:

      @Controller(value = "listarBienesBean")
      public class ListarBienesBean {

      private SimpleSelection seleccion = new SimpleSelection();
      private UIScrollableDataTable tabla;
      private SortOrder orden = new SortOrder();
      private List bienesSeleccionados = new ArrayList();

      public SimpleSelection getSeleccion() {
      return seleccion;

      public void setSeleccion(SimpleSelection seleccion) {
      this.seleccion = seleccion;

      public void consultarBienesSeleccionados() throws HumanTechSolutionsWebException {
      try {
      if (getSeleccion().isSelectAll()) {
      } else {
      //Iterator gets NOT empty ONLY with SESSION SCOPE BEAN
      //Wath's up?
      Iterator iterator = getSeleccion().getKeys();
      while (iterator.hasNext()) {
      Object key = iterator.next();
      if (tabla.isRowAvailable()) {
      getBienesSeleccionados().add((Bien) tabla.getRowData());
      } catch (Exception e) {
      throw new HumanTechSolutionsWebException("Error al ejecutar ListarBienesBean.listarBienes()", e);

      getSeleccion() and setSeleccion() works Ok but consultarBienesSeleccionados() only works Ok when scope for bean is "session". If i change the scope to "request" getSeleccion().getKeys() return empty.

      The problem is i need a "request" scope bean for my business.

      What is wrong with my Bean?

      Thanks in advance.

      Regards from Mexico.