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    Necessary or example portal


      Is the default portal that is available after installation necessary, for developing a new portal? Or can i disable it and use my portal appear at the same URL?

      Also if JBossPortal comes out with another version, how can i upgrade without blowing away any modifications i made? Basically, i need to know what parts of JBoss should not be modified.
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          That is a good questioin
          I have the same problem
          1) Each time I upgrade to a newer version of the portal I have to drop all tables
          2) I would like to have no default portal as well.


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            if you have nothing in the database:
            modify jboss-portal.sar/conf/default-object.xml which creates the default portal.

            Otherwise use the management portlet to delete the default portal and create a new portal called default.

            Good practice is that as long as you can:
            - Use the javax.portlet.* classes
            - Use the org.jboss.portal.api.* classes
            - Use and modify jboss-portal.sar/conf

            That's what is planned to stay in the long term.

            The schema hasn't changed between 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 you shouldn't have to drop the tables.

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              Thank you for the response, and also mentioning best practices... If any others or a link to a document that specifies, please pass that along.
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                The path to default-object.xml is in jboss-portal.sar\conf\data\
                NOT in jboss-portal.sar\conf\