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    Portal Events, Portal Session and Portlet Session


      Hi all,

      Env: 2.6, 4.2, Oracle and Alfresco

      I have a portal event class which puts an attribute into the PortalSession,
      thorugh PortalRuntimeContext.

      I could see from the sources that in PortalSessionImpl when putting an attribute, it appends "api." to the attribute name and puts into HttpSession.

      I could also see from the classes that PortletSessionImpl when getting attributes from httpSession looks for attribute names starting with either
      javax.portlet.p. or javax.portlet. depending on if its in Application scope or Portlet Scope.

      My problem is i want to get the object that i put in portalsession into the Portlet session.

      How should i do that.Please advice.

      Thanks in advance.