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    Examples of commercial websites using RichFaces

    Samir Basic Newbie

      Does anybody know of few good, well designed and above all websites with good looking, appealing, user interface using RichFaces? I want to see if RichFaces can really be a good bases for a 'pretty' website. I just cannot escape this feeling that many features of RichFaces are industrial looking and unappealing or, at least, that achieving a nice looking design using RichFaces may actually be quite difficult. I am not a web front developer, but I have been told by one that using these rich Ajax components that create a lot of HTML and JavaScript code can at times be counterproductive in terms of the front end design.

      Thank you.

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          Fab Mars Novice

          I have worked recently on a project for the European Commission using RichFaces (RF team: If you want screenshots for some portfolio, I can check if this would be alowed by our NDA).

          The user interface was designed by some guy that did that only...I mean, you won't automatically get an appealing design by the sole fact of using RF.

          Besides, I have a company on myself, and we're redesigning the whole site with RichFaces. The site contains a frontend, an online shop, a back-office, etc...