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    my own hibernate mapping

    dssa das Newbie

      I want to have special tables in DefaultDS, and I am trying to configure hibernate for my portlet. I'm deploying portlet in .war file (with portlet.xml etc) but I don't know where can I locate my hibernate.cfg.xml and mapping.hbm.xml in my .war package, to make them visible from portal.
      Should I configure in any other .xml file that I am using hibernate for this portlet?

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          Thomas Heute Master

          k3nnymusic, from your various questions on the forum it seems that you are trying to skip some learning phases and want to do everything at once.

          You should learn about Hibernate before you use it and understand what is the responsibility of Hibernate and what is the responsibility of a portal framework (working on them separately would help).

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            dssa das Newbie

            Ok sorry, but sometimes you must doing something quickly and haven't got time to read hundred pages of text, to understand how you can start. Sometimes quick short tip are very helpfull, to find way to solve the problem. Sorry for my noob questions:)

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              Andrew Brownfield Newbie

              k3nnymusic, I know where you stand. Hard to be patient when deadlines are coming. However, Thomas has some good advice about taking things one at a time. Take the agile approach and do some spiking. The lessons are invaluable.

              If you do need a reference other than official documentation look at some of the simpler portlets on portletswap.org. Some of them are massive, but there are some smaller ones that show elegant (from what I've seen thus far) integration of different technologies.

              In this particular case (understanding hibernate), the Contacts Portlet helped immensely. Between looking at that code and scanning/reading the hibernate documenation I managed to cleanly do what was needed.