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    Application Scope with Struts?

    Nathan Riihinen Newbie

      Hey all. Im having an issue with Struts and or Freemarker. There are not nearly enough decent resources on the markup and I am wondering if someone can help me.

      What I need to do is click on a link, and have it change the view in another portlet window. Assuming there are two portlets in the webapp, there should be no problem at least setting variables in the APPLICATION SCOPE and then writing conditionals. Can anyone tell me how i might go about this (any method). I want a tree navigation portlet that changes the page on the other portlet, but for now we can just assume its a simple list of links.

      If you can help thatd be great. It would really help me to get somewhere with this and would be endlessly appreciated. The environment is irrelevant, but for the same of sticking to post standards, im on jboss 2.6 portal server, windows xp pro, no database connectivity in the current respect (though id use postgres), struts2, freemarker.