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    JAAS using LDAP and DB

    Andrew Brownfield Newbie


      I'm trying to configure my portal with both LDAP and DB. Ideally I want the default users and roles (admin and user) to live in the database bundled with portal. I also need to authenticate users with an existing LDAP without trying to write anything to the LDAP.

      I've been reading through the JBP reference guide, particularly Chapters 15 and 16, but can't seem to wrap my head around how it all fits together. I've found some good threads on this forum, but once again, no amount of reading seems to help me figure out what's going on.

      So, I have two quick questions.

      1) Will it be possible to assign roles in the DB (namely User) to users authenticated with the LDAP, without modifying the LDAP? I think that synchronize module will help with this but I'm confused by the options.

      2) Can anybody point me towards some good introductory JAAS docs? I can't seem to find anything that explains it concisely and accurately. I'm thinking that my problems with configuration come from not understanding JAAS well enough.

      Thanks for any help.