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    JSF Navigation issue with MyFaces 1.1.5

    Syed H Newbie


      I have an application running as a JSF portlet in my JBoss portal version 2.4.1 and JBoss AS 4.0.5 (myFaces version is 1.1.4).

      I had some problems with the myFaces portlet version 1.1.4, so I replaced the myFaces 1.1.4 jars with myFaces version 1.1.5 jars in my JBoss AS (jsf-libs folder).

      From then I don't have my JSF navigation not working properly, like after clicking on a commandLink, it goes to the bean method, executes the business logic, returns a string matching my navigation rule, but my JSF page doesn't get changed, it stays in the same page.

      I don't have this problem with myFaces version 1.1.4. I tried adding a JSF Phase tracker and found all the phases getting executed correctly in sequence.

      Please help me with some inputs on this.