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    Redirect in a PageInterceptor renders the page in background

    Ståle Tomten Newbie


      Im using jboss portal 2.2.2 with jboss as 4.0.4 GA on a debian linux server.
      We are using a PageInterceptor to switch pages from http to https, so we dont have to rewrite all urls.
      The property to make a page https is written in a page attribute.

      When the request hits the PageInterceptor we check if the request should be secure or not - and do a redirect to a secure or no-secure url if it is of the wrong type.

      All this is good, and it seems to work perfectly. But i see from the logs - that when i do a redirect in the PageInterceptor - the request is being ran anyway.

      Here is a snip of code that runs in the PageInterceptor.

      final String hostName = getRedirectHost(viaHeaderField, httpRequest.getServerName(), false);
      final String redirectURL = createRedirectURL(httpRequest, PROTOCOL_HTTP, hostName);
      sendRedirect(pageInvocation, redirectURL);

      What I could use is a command to stop rendering the page in the pageInterceptor, but if i dont call pageInvocation.invokeNext(); the portal fails.

      Can anyone help me ?