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    Component control, attachTiming usage?

    Paul Pantages Novice

      Hello Forum,

      In rich:componentControl there is the "attachTiming" attribute.

      Can anyone point to an explanation of the significnace of using "onload", "immidediate" or "onavailable"? That is, what are the differences/advantages of each selection? The developer's guide only states that the component is attached at different page-loading phases, depending on the chosen value. It doesn't really go into why you would use one or the other.

      I recently switched my componentControls to "onload", as this setting eliminated a memory leak I was encountering. The component controls were attached to rich:treeNodes; each time the tree was rerendered, it would leak Firefox memory.

      Other than stopping the leak, (for which I am eternally grateful) the menu does not appear to behave any differently than it did before....