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    ControllerContext violates loader constraints


      I am trying to execute the following piece of code from inside a potlet

      JBossRenderRequest jrr = (JBossRenderRequest)rRequest.getAttribute("javax.portlet.request");
      ServerInvocationContext serverContext = jrr.getControllerContext().getServerInvocation().getServerCo

      And i am getting the following exception
      ERROR [CommandServlet] Exception in command invocation
      java.lang.LinkageError: Class org/jboss/portal/core/controller/ControllerContext violates loader con
       at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)

      Can anyone give me clue of what would be causing this.

      The reason for my above call is i am trying to get the HttpSession into a portlet so that i can access the properties(Objects) i set into portal session at the raise of an event.

      In our application we dont have anything to do with logged in user (user authentication).

      Is there any other easy way to access the Objects that i set into portal session be accessed from a portlet session.

      The application is running on 2.6.1 and 4.2...

      Please help...