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    How to access EJB3 beans from a portlet !???

    Steffen Hansen Newbie

      Hi all.

      We have an app. on a clustered jboss deployed as an .ear file in the farm folder. It is a webapp backed by JMS + EJB3 beans (local interfaces) and runs fine.

      Now I am messing around with portlets and of course I want to invoke our business code in the EJB3 beans from a portlet.

      Big question is : How do I do that !??

      I tried to deploy the portlet as a .war bundled within the .ear file, but that didn't do any good :-(

      Deploying the portlet as a standalone .war file in the deploy folder works, but how do I then access the EJB3 beans !??


      System: JBoss 4.2.1.GA + JBoss Portal 2.6.1