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    Problem with portal nodes in 2.6 (PageCustomizerInterceptor)

    Maciek Maq Newbie


      I have a big problem after migration from 2.4 to 2.6 version.

      The goal of my problem is: I want to get all PortalNode `s (i mean pages, windows etc.) from portlet request IN 2.6 version.

      In 2.4 version it was easy. I got from JBossActionRequest or JBossRenderRequest current Node by invoking method .getPortalNode() and later i may get all nodes (for example pages, or windows) by .getParent() and getChildrens().

      In 2.6 version i cant do that, because, into PortalNode which was got from request by me, a have only current node. The parent of this node contain only this node without their brothers (otherwise like in 2.4 version, where i may get all brothers).

      I suppose, that the JBoss Portal class PageCustomizerInterceptor, which appeared in 2.6 version cut (why?) all nodes without current (Security?)

      so, could you tell me, how can I get access to the all PortalNode `s from my portlet? Any ideas? Had any of you similar problem;)

      thanks for help