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    How to Display New Portal instance page Instead of default p

    Zenotis Boyd Jr. Newbie

      Describe your environment:
      JBoss Portal Version:2.6
      Did you get Portal was installed by WebHost Service
      JBoss AS Version - 4.2
      Database Vendor and Version MySql
      JDBC Connector and Version Hypersonic Sql
      OS Platform - linux

      Describe the problem:

      When I create a new portal instance, and
      then create a page to display (Weather)

      then I set weather as the default page for my newInstance portal.

      I would expect to be able to
      use a context url like -> www.myhost.com/portal/newInstance


      use a context url like -> www.myhost.com/portal/newInstance/weather

      this instead keeps bringing up
      the default portal url like I had entered -> www.myhost.com/portal

      Post the error messages, if any. There are no error messages