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    Problem deploying from Java Studio Creator

    Nils Edstrom Newbie

      I have not been able to solve the following problem related to deploying a portlet from Java Studio Creator to JBoss Portal Server 2.6-CR2.

      When the portlet's init() method runs I receive the following message: "Unable to determine FaceServlet mapping for servlet path 'null'."

      The portlet renders correctly but does not behave correctly. Tt appears as though the problem is only related to TextField's.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Paul Taylor Newbie

          By any chance are you using the text field as part of a data entry form or similar and then using submit at which point the error occurs? You might want to try this:

          1) Click on the text field
          2) Check the Properties sidebar, Data section 'required' is unticked

          If that doesn't solve it, the way I did on my project (done using JBP 2.4.1 as I haven't moved to 2.6 yet) was to check for the text field for null and then set it to be a value if null and set in the sessionbean. Assuming you are using a submit button, then put that check in the button_action() method.

          If you are setting data into the textfield, make sure it is in the prerender() method.

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            Paul Taylor Newbie

            Also, are you using a dataset? Sometimes if you have drag n dropped a database table onto the page and deleted it, it will remain there until you remove it from the code page or even the sessionbean.java code - you do get the error if you have used a parameter query and there is no query there for it run against (i.e. you have a '?' in your sql statement). In other words, remove all traces of any unused data providers.