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    Portlet using JSF (myfaces) + tiles

    Thomas Methlie Newbie


      I'm developing av portlet using JSF (myfaces and tomahawk) and are trying to use tiles to create layout in the portlet. So far no luck..

      Does anyone know if JBoss Portal supports tiles or if any special modifications/libs needs to be included?

      references to documentation on the topic would also be great!

      All help and tips appreciated!


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          Abhishek Gupta Newbie

          I think I was also facing same kind of error. For tiles you need to specify view handler in faces-config.xml. Normally you can use JSPTilesViewHandler provided in tomahawk. But this view Handler doesnot take care of portlet context as the other view handler which is JSPViewHandler in myfaces. For tiles to work in portlet you need to provide a custom view handler which takes care of portlet requests also.