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    How to access portlet preferences when not logged in

    Anders Flodell Newbie

      Hello everyone!

      I have installed JBoss Portal 2.41-GA on my win XP computer. It is using the 1.5.0_11 jdk.
      the purpose was to try out some portlets i had made with myeclipse.

      Everything worked fine except for the situation when my portlet tried to collect the portlet preferences when not logged in to the Jboss Portal.
      Then the portlet returned with the default preferences statically declared in portlet.xml, or none if none defined.

      When Im logged in to the Portal I can collect the preferences and also dynamically changing them with the portlet's doEdit/processAction methods. And the portlet uses my changed preferences as long as Im logged in.

      I have tried many different approaches:
      - setting readonly = false in the portlet.xml for each portlet preference.
      - adding portlet-preferences tag to all the xml:s, like -instances.xml and -object.xml
      - logged in and changed portal security in every possible way i could think of.

      I also tried to change the preferences in the News-feed portlet that comes with the default installation of Jboss portal. When not logged in, the news-feed portlet used the preferences from the default declaration in portlet.xml and not the changes i had made when logged in.

      So, what am I missing here?
      Is there a way getting the preferences you have stored in the portlet even if your not logged in?

      thankful for any response,