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    Page level permissions/security

    Alan O'Regan Newbie

      Using JBoss Portal 2.6, bundled version at the moment (just using Hypersonic at the moment but will be introducing MS SQL Server shortly)

      I am trying to create a portal page that will serve as the landing page for my application.

      Say, the URL is http://localhost:8080/portal/portal/myportal/startpage.

      I want to deploy some portlets on this page but only display these portlets to logged in users/members. However, if a user who is not logged in enters the URL in a browser I want to display instead only the login window.

      I'm wondering what is the best practice here.

      Anyone know how I can add permissions to the page so that it can only be viewed by logged in users (is this achieved using roles?). Is there a way to conditionally render the logged in window on any page if the user is not logged in?