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    Portlet shows correct behavior in default/default incorrect

    Nils Edstrom Newbie


      I have a portlet, which behaves correctly on the default page and does not work properly in the dashboard. Problems relate to button behaviors as well as text fields, which are inexplicably blanked out.

      Any suggestions as to what might be going on?


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          srinivas prabhu Newbie


          Is your dashboard theme is different from the default page theme? If the themes are not same may be there is some problem with you dashboard theme.

          I had similar problem with one particular portlet in dashboard. I got an error when i tried to drag and drop one of my portlet. It shows error in one of the java script files(dnd/prototype.js). When i exclude this particular portlet things worked fine. There were other portlets which worked find with drag n drop. i still have not been able to trace what was wrong with this particular portlet.