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    dyn. change rendererset ?!

    Jannis E. Newbie

      Good morning everyone =)

      Is it possible to change the rendererSet dynamically in the Eventlistener or the processAction?!

      I want to hide a portletWindow(with the emptydivrenderer) and if a user clicks a button it should appear in normal mode with titlebar etc. (divrenderer)

      At the moment i can change windowstates with

      PortalNode node = event.getNode();
      PortalNode windowA = node.resolve("../winAwindow");
      context.getPortalRuntimeContext().getNavigationalStateContext().setWindowState(windowA, WindowState.MINIMIZED);

      But I don't have a clou how 2 change the rendererSet dynamically ....

      Any suggestions !?

      Thx Jannis