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    Trying to use "HTML Layout Tag Library", import Library prob

    Brian Ray Newbie

      Having more noob issues.

      I cant get the positioning I need with CSS in IE (Lack of Exp or Magic) so I aborted positioning with CSS and am now trying to just put it all in an HTML table.

      I found the above mentioned library "HTML Layout Tag Library" that might do what I need. (I need to use colspans and the like if possible).

      However I am having a heck of a time setting up this tag Library. I put it in with the rest of the imports like this.

       <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"

      but it does not appear to be doing Jack. I replaced all my embedded HTML tags with the new tags ie="<htm:table>" these tags are not getting interpted into HTML they remain on my page exactly as written. How do I add this library to my page? Bonus points if you can tell me how to load it into JBoss Developer Studio so that I can confirm with code-assist.

      Thanks B.

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          Brian Ray Newbie

          Thanks Daniel,

          The problem that remains for me, if I just use simple HTML, is that with a scrollableDataTable does not render correctly in IE(7). I find that once I embed the sDT into an html table the data columns render to the right of where they should be. Imagine I have 3 column headers rendered at the top and below them the data does not fall into place directly under the headers insted it is offset to the right. This problem does not happen in FF. In addition I don't know what has caused this, the most obvious thin that came to my mind was that I embedded the Table intermixed with HTML tags. I keep reading different snippits that say Not to do this but I have no idea if those snippits are outdated.

          So my next question is does anyone know why the sDT wont render correctly. I might have to put up a new thread with a different subject to get an answer
          Thanks again

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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            bigbaray, about your first question about why tags not interpretted to html but remains as original ones. If you use facelets - you should add carefully taglib.xml file for this library to your classpath and define it in web.xml. This is a facelets question.

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              Ilya Shaikovsky Master

              also sdt component broken while using simple html tags - please show us the code snippets and share results screenshots anywhere.

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                Brian Ray Newbie

                I found out what MY problem was. It was some inherited CSS that only showed its head in IE. I was wrongly thinking it was the embedded HTML that was causing problems I had read that this would cause problems (guess only in JSF proper?). Daniel said that it should not cause the problem with Facelets therefore he assisted me in finding out that I was looking in the wrong area for my sdt issue.

                I am still not so sure how I would add this tag library it appears that it is for jsp and not for facelets. when I looked into the jars I did see some differences but it was all greek to me.

                Anyhow sdt is working as intended. I dont need the import anymore cause I now believe that Daniel is telling truth that I can just write simple HTML, it is working for me.

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                  Brian Ray Newbie

                  One more tidbit of useless information. I am learning JSF from the Richfaces. So I have no clue what and where to go for help so I might be asking basic JSF questions here where as I should be asking elsewhere. So take no worries from my questions.

                  I am not as clueless as I was yesterday but I am still in the weeds. But with each painful lesson I am learning. Look ma, no Hands.