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    Problem with big portlet

    Nicolas Ploquin Newbie

      Hi all,

      I've a problem with a big portlet... My portlet display lot of datas, so the source code of the portlat (in html) can have more than 500 lines !!

      I think there is a little bug here, because the portlet diplay is verybad... The button and the field are complelty random placed, and there is some html code display on the portlet...

      So, is there a to little column in a portal base ?? What do you think about this problem ??

      When I test to displayed all datas of my portlet, I've a popup with : "Stack overflow at line : 192"

      Thanks !!

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          Nicolas Ploquin Newbie

          I forgot something : My conf :

          - WinXP
          - JBoss AS 4.0.5
          - JBoss Portal 2.6

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            Peter Johnson Master

            Whenever I get a stack overflow I immediately suspect an infinite loop.

            You said the stack overflow appeared in a pop-up. Who did the pop-up? The browser? Or are you running a stand-alone test case through something like junit? The browser popup would indicate a JavaScript stack overflow, while the junit would indicate a stack overflow caused by your server-side Java code.

            Have you asked to browser to display the source of the html page? Sometimes that can help resolve problems. Are you using any styles? If so, where are they declared?

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              Nicolas Ploquin Newbie

              I've forgoten to say that the portlet work... Because it is allready deployed in production on weblogic and vignette !!

              My popup which opened was a popup like "alert" in javascript !! But, now, I haven't this popup (I don't know why).

              I've looked the html code... It seems no correct because there is some "balise" which are not closed (I don't know why).

              For the styles, they are declared in another war file, and they work well for the other portlet... (the styles are common to all the portlets of the application).

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                Peter Johnson Master

                There is a possibility that the styles are not being applied. Do you know which styles are being used for the page? By that, I mean which styles the browser is actively using to format the page?

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                  Nicolas Ploquin Newbie

                  Thanks for all...

                  I don't know where was the problem, but I resolve it in another way... I deploy the most recent version of our application and it work...

                  I don't understand why there was the problem because the application work on weblo/Vignette and on jboss Portal 2.4 !!!

                  So, it work, thanks for all !!!