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    Emergent:cannot running the examples?

    Jordon Lee Newbie

      I have download the Jboss Portal 2.4.2 bundled.zip,and the test page http://localhost:8080/portal have successfully runned.And,the examples,such as HelloWorldPortalPage,HelloWorldPortlet and HelloWorldJspPortlet have successfully runned.But when I add other examples(download from current website,such as struts-demo-for-jboss-portal,springMVC,portletbridge-portlet-1.0.war) to the server/default/deploy directory, something wrong come up! The error page says like this,"cannot found StrutsPortletInstance"!
      Now, I have an application,which is based on spring,hibernate and struts,and I want to transfer it to a portal app.Now I have no idea, hope for someone kind to help me! It's ergent, Thank you!

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          Jordon Lee Newbie


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            Peter Johnson Master

            Wow, no reply within 2 minutes and you declare an emergency. I hope my response is not too late and everyone is still alive.

            By definition, any question posted on these forums is neither urgent nor an emergency. These forums are user's forums where user's of the various JBoss technologies help each other out. They are not an official support mechanism, though Thomas and others on the Portal team graciously answer many of the questions posed. If you are in urgent need of support, RedHat and other companies will gladly provide you with a support contract for a fee. You can then get your urgent question answered promptly.

            I suggest that you spend some time reading the Portal documentation - it is very good. Also, here is a discussion on learning how to do portlet development: http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=88554.

            As far as the demo portlets go, those are sometimes in a state of flux and work on one combination of JBoss AS and Portal, and not on others. Search the forum, someone might have already have posted some resolutions to such issues.