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    srinivas prabhu Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am using jboss portal 2.6.1. I built if from source code and deployed on jboss Application server 4.0.5.

      I want to assign contextual roles to user. socreated new table called contextual_roles. where i mapped user role to jbp_uid i.

      i have created a domain class corresponding to contextual_role table and did the mapping accordingly (hibernate.xml and *.hbm.xml). Things are working find and am able to access the table using HQL and get the roles. However after i execute

      List result = session.createQuery(hql).list();

      Even though am able to print the result on console i get the following error after each access to the contextual_roles table.

      ERROR [CachedConnectionValve] Application error: PortalServletWithPathMapping did not complete its transaction

      can any one tell what is wrong ?