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    Configuring a different JSP name for login does not work

    Brendan Farragher Newbie

      I am trying to change the web.xml file of the portal to point to a different login file name. I created a new jsp called testlogin.jsp, and changed the following entries in web.xml:

      Under the "Authenticated" security constraint I have:


      Under the <login-config> section I have:


      I placed the testlogin.jsp under the portal-server.war directory in the same location as login.jsp. If I rename testlogin.jsp to login.jsp and then change the <form-login-page> tag back to /login.jsp, it works. If I try to configure the tag entry with /testlogin.jsp, I get sent to the default dashboard page of the portal.

      Both testlogin.jsp and login.jsp have identical access rites. Is this a bug? Does the name /testlogin.jsp have to be configured anywhere else for this to work?

      Thank you.