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    LoginModule not being called

    Brendan Farragher Newbie

      Hi. I configured /jboss-portal.sar/conf/login-config.xml with a custom LoginModule as follows, but my module is not being called. I am printing out some messages, but I do not see them in the log.

      Are there any other configuration files that I have to modify to install a custom LoginModule?

      Thank you.


      <application-policy name="portal">
       <login-module code="test.DemoLoginModule" flag="required">
       <module-option name="debug">true</module-option>

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          Brendan Farragher Newbie

          We already have a custom JAAS module installed at the AS level (4.0.5). Would this module interfere in any way with the JAAS module of the portal?

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            Brendan Farragher Newbie

            It would appear that something that I was trying to do in replacing the login page had prevented the custom LoginModule that I had developed from getting activated (it may nave been the <security-constraints> in the web.xml file of the portal-server.war file). I backed up my portal .sar directory in which I had made the changes, put a fresh installation (a "clean" .sar directory from the installation download), and then modified the jboss-portal.sar/conf/login-config.xml file again to point at my custom LoginModule. I then placed my custom implementation .jar file underneath the /jboss-portal.sar/lib directory, and then I began to see my custom messages from the LoginModule getting output to the log.