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    Newbie question - Customizing presentation based on user pro

    gokul pillai Newbie

      My environment:
      JBoss Portal 2.6
      Database Vendor and Version : Oracle 10g
      OS Platform : windows XP

      My requirement is as follows:
      I am new to portal technology as such and JBoss portal in particular.

      I want to create a company intranet portal which is customizable based on the user login. Each user belongs to a different department within the company and lets say there are two departments in the firm. When user John belonging to the Legal department logs in, I want him to see data from the Legal applications and when user David from the Travel department logs in, I want to show him application data from applications related to travel. So this information is driven by data stored about the user in the database much earlier.
      Question is: I can think of identifing portlets based on the user-profile, but how do I tell Jboss portal about how to arrive at a layout - because based on the no. of applications relevant to the user (identified at runtime) the layout might be for 2 portlets or 4 portlets. What portal API would I use for getting this customization to work.

      Since this is a common requirement, I am sure its supported by JBoss portal and many of you might have already implemented this feature.
      I would appreciate any help.

      Thanks in advance.