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    contetnt mixed mode storage

    dssa das Newbie

      I'm using jboss as 4.0.5GA and jboss portal 2.4.2 and when I change in xml to mixed storage file every my cms portlet instances have error
      and I haven't got access to any content files.
      If I try to open any files from my

      for example by url:

      I have got the following error:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: Unable to register cleanup Synchronization with TransactionManager

      I tryied to clean my workspace, tmp etc, and it doesn't work. I don't understand, when I have got mixed storage and write:
      then it loads support.gif from filesystem or from database?
      How can I define that?

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          dssa das Newbie

          I have got another problem with it. I added two .gif files into the cms content(database 100% storage), and I have got 5 roles in portal. One of this images don't be accessible from one of roles. Futhermore if I add any user to that role, they don't see the image. I don't know what can be the reason, becouse I don't change anything. I don't know this can be some secuirity issue or next jp2.4.2 bug? Do you have any idea? Could you help me?