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    Users and groups

    Carlos Augusto Grahl Newbie


      I have a custom JAAS login module works fine with JBossPortal. This login module authenticates on my system, using a webservice for that. Everything is ok. Or almost.. :-)

      Now i have this problem:

      In my system, i have tree users:

      user/user, admin/admin and foo/bar

      and the default portal instalation have only two users:

      user/user and admin/admin.

      When i login with "user" or "admin", the portal works fine, but when i login with the "foo" user, i can't go to the dashboard.

      Seems like i have to duplicate my user database: one copy on my system and other one on the portal. Is that correct? There's no way to configure the portal to use my user database?

      Thank you again