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    Dynamic number of tabs in rich:tabPanel

    Markus Dahm Novice


      I do not see why the following code is not working:

      <s:div rendered="#{arztView.hasView}">
       <rich:tabPanel switchType="client" id="tabbedPane">
       <a:repeat value="#{arztView.view.praxisData}" var="praxis">
       <rich:tab label="#{praxis.adresse.ort}" />

      No tabs are displayed, instead I see the following log output:

      tabbedPane: tab panel has no enabled or rendered tabs!

      Why is that? The list definitively contains at least on value. (And the render condition is true)
      If I use a:repeat with some h:outputText I can see the loop is working so far.

      Thanks in advance for your help