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    problem in struts mail portlet in portlet swap

    Arun AV Newbie

      hi folks,
      i downloaded struts mail portlet from the link http://labs.jboss.com/portletswap/downloads/portlets/framework;jsessionid=CB8A6568C9A9F66F52E36C6A4C2F3E92?action=a&windowstate=maximized

      I added jboss app.xml under WEB-INF folder.
      but i get the following error ,

      "Original SevletRequest or wrapped original ServletRequest not passed to RequestDispatcher in violation of SRV.8.2 and SRV."

      can anyone help me how to solve this problem?

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          Arun AV Newbie

          Why dont i get any repllies?

          is JBoss forum is utter waste?

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            Peter Johnson Master

            There are several reasons why this post might not get any response.

            First, you do not indicate which version of JBoss Portal, JBoss App Server, and JDK you are using. In some cases, you also need to state which database and its version (not sure if that would apply here).

            Second, error text is usually useless outside of its context (especially error text that you retyped). Instead, post the stack trace from the log file or the console (usually the first 20 or so lines of the stack track, and the 2 or 3 lines before the stack trace are sufficient).

            Third, you said you are using an portlet from portletswap, but then indicate that you added a web.xml file. From the post, I assume that you had previously deployed the portlet without any problems and adding the web.xml caused the error to show. Without knowing what is in the web.xml, there is not much we could do other than tell you not to do that. In other words, post the contents of the web.xml.

            Fourth, perhaps others have not used that specific portlet (several of the portlets on portletswap are contributed based on a given release of JBoss AS and JBoss Portal and never updated, I don't know if that is the case with this portlet).

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              Thomas Heute Master

              I uploaded a Struts bridge example on Portletswap:

              See the jPetStore example for portal 2.6 on JBoss AS 4.2 and JBoss EAP:

              Note that you will need to add:

              When you start JBoss AS.

              (you can alter the JAVA_OPTS defined in JBOSS_HOME/bin/run.conf)

              On JBoss Portal 2.6.3 due in December you won't have to add that parameter anymore.